Friday, August 14, 2015

"All Types of People"

Hey you. Am I your type?

Your body type, that is...

We are all different shapes and sizes, this we know for certain, but there are different types of bodies and knowing where your body falls in line can be very helpful when determining how you should train and nourish yourself.

Some bodies gain muscle easily, some are more prone to retaining fat. Some people find it incredibly hard work to build muscle. All different - but scientifically, we do all fall into place on the following spectrum:

Or, another way of visualizing these three body types??

You're welcome, ladies.

To find out what body type you fall into - and a better description of the three body types than I can provide, check out and search body types quiz.

Knowledge is power, people. The more you know about your body, the better you can help it to function at it's best for a long time. Time is important, and movement for your body type helps utilize the time you spend working out wisely.

I did the test - I score somewhere between an ectomorph and a mesomorph.

What does that mean? Basically that I don't put on a tonne of muscle mass. I should lift weights. Heavy weights are good - since it takes some work for me to muscle up, and even then it is unlikely I would ever get "bulky". Moderate amounts of cardio recommended.

Moderate amounts of cardio. Isn't that like moderate amounts of ice cream??? Not a thing. But I understand the reasoning.

I utilize this information in all of my personal training programs, and would be glad to discuss what is optimal for you and your body type!

Knowledge is power. Know your body, and how best to move it. Move it. How best to move it. Move it.

Find Your CORE

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