Sunday, April 26, 2015

Running to Stand Still - Day 9 of 26.2

It's Sunday - one week away from the big day. I am guessing I should be taking this seriously now.

I often get asked why I run. The absolute truth is I wouldn't recognize myself any other way. Running was the final piece of the Annie pie. When it became a regular practise in my life I released myself into the rhythm of the movement. It was my music for years.
When I run I feel free and light and full of joy. I feel strong and beautiful and smart and worthy. When I run I feel like I belong.

It's not always fun. It's not always easy. But it is ALWAYS right. So I run.

I was laid up from running last fall. My world didn't fall apart. I didn't collapse in a heap and bemoan my end of days. Because the lessons I've learned from running transcend the time I spend on the road, and apply to my life in general. Although I missed the action of running terribly, running has given me more than enough to carry me through the toughest of days. It is my simplest and most balanced relationship. I get out what I give.

That being said, I was none too pleased when an orthopedic surgeon told me this February that I should probably think about a sport that required less impact on the body. We shall, from here on in, refer to said professional as Dr.No.
Dr.No strongly recommended I gave up running, as I have multiple impact injuries in the bottom of my hip joint, and deformities in the head of both femurs. These are resulting in the capsule around the joint becoming smaller at points and thus causing me pain (pfft..pain...clearly the man has not experienced natural childbirth of a 9lb baby). Anyway, it's apparently a difficult area to repair surgically and with an eye to my future I should be doing what I can to avoid further action being taken. I actually really listened to Dr.No. Took notes. Smiled and nodded. And then vigorously shook my head. Dr.No may have rolled his eyes.

So I went home and thought about my options. I had a 30K race in 6 weeks that I was already pretty prepared for. I would do that. And then I would scale back my distance training and just run for fun, running farther when I felt up to it, but not pushing the envelope. Be sensible enough that I can continue to run. Forever. See above.

But I had been hoping to do a marathon the month after the 30K race. Hmmmm. I thought long and hard. Agonized. Weighed pros vs cons.

Hahahahahaha - no I didn't. I signed up 30 seconds after I had the thought.

I will, indeed, treat my currently battered body with care and respect, and adhere to a lighter running load, softer surfaces and will cross train in gentler, less impactful ways. Starting on May 4th.

But that 26.2 miler?? That bitch is all mine on May 3rd. I'm going to take note of every single minute. It's a once in a lifetime experience for me. I'm choosing to live it.

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