Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Now we got to keep it simple and that's that" Day 5 of 26.2

Runners Log, Training Day 2,033. The fog rolled in, the wilderness creatures scurried along the dusty trail.....

Nah. Can't make this morning's run into anything more than what it was - pull on shoes, stumble out door, wipe sleep from eyes, get 'er done regular morning run. Easy 6k to test out my sore hip after icing and rest yesterday.

Still eating carbs. Life is tough.

Will foam roll and ice what ails me today.And shave my legs so I can reapply Kinesiology tape to my sore knee. And make an appointment with my chiropractor and see if he can help with the sore hip before Sunday.
Yesterday I started packing for Sunday's run. I know it's early, but I'm down with being prepared. Also - I work literally every minute between now and Saturday at noon. So. I'm almost packed already.

What on earth does one pack for running a marathon? Well...towel, clothes and assorted other toiletries to help you look like a regular human being again post race. Important especially if going home on public transit or if meeting friends after. Advil, Gravol, Tums, antibiotic cream, bandaids, skin glide, Sport Bean Jelly Bellys, Gatorade, water belt, socks, rain poncho,throwaway sweater to start the race in, Buff, race clothes, shoes, dried fruit, sun hat, sunscreen and so much more.

I may be a little overprepared, but when I stagger across the finish line with bleeding feet, I'll smugly remember that I won't have to stop for bandaids and pat myself on the back (if I can still do that after 42K).

I stopped at a running goods store yesterday, which I rarely do but I wanted to get some body glide, some Jelly Bellys, and treat myself to a new Buff headband in anticipation of completion. These are things that Wal-Mart does not carry.

Upon arrival I was immediately accosted by a sales associate, who proceeded to "runner shame" me into believing that pretty much everything I do around running is , well, not quite up to par.

I started my running life with a pair of Wal-Mart shorts and my Skechers cross trainers. I took part in my first Ironman competition in the same.

I don't run with packaged running "fuel", I like food. It works for me. Water works for me. If GU gel works for others, that's GREAT. But it doesn't mean I'm right or wrong.

I don't buy into the mentality that things have to be a certain way for someone to be a successful runner. What defines success for you? If winning your age group at the Boston Marathon is your goal, do your research, find out what works for you, and utilize it to help you be your best. Most of us simply want to be better runners, better humans, and to enjoy the journey.

Nothing wrong with that. Whether you get to the finish line powered with Gatorade, ice cold water (my favourite) or electrolyte tablets. I'll discuss my experience with gatorade and running shame in a later blog. Stay tuned.

All you really need to run is a decent pair of running shoes and some desire. Everything else can certainly make your run more comfortable (and believe me, there are some run products that I adore) but they won't make the experience any better or easier for you.

So next time I go out for a run, my store experience will remind me that the things I really need to take with me can't be bought:

- the friends & family who cheer me on
- a smiling face
- a light heart
- willing feet to carry me
- open eyes - so I don't miss a thing

Keep it simple. Keep it fun. Keep it real. And just run.

Now, hold on. I have to pack my GPS watch, my headband and compression socks......

Find Your CORE

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