Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gird your loins Warriors!

The day of reckoning be almost upon us!

Here are some details that I have ascertained to be important and worthy of sharing:

Race Kit Pick Up and Gear Stash
Packet pick-up will be available on-site, beginning one hour prior to the first wave of the day.
Your packet includes your race bib with safety pins, t-shirt, and Warrior helmet.
You’ll need your photo ID* to pick up your packet as well as a signed and dated copy of the participant waiver. We have copies on site, but to save time, print, and complete the waiver at home by printing the waiver I will have copies of available at classes next week.
For proof of identity they accept photocopies of your:

Student ID
Membership Card

Gear check is FREE for all participants. A band will be issued corresponding to your race number if desired.

The bulk of our group is at the 10:30am wave time - please feel free if you wish to double check every day if you wish to join that time. Apparently space often becomes available closer to the time. It is supposed to be a simple transaction through your Warrior Dash account to switch over.

On May 27th, 2015, an EventSprout account was created for every Warrior using the email address you used while signing up. To create or reset your password, please head HERE and click, "Forgot Password."

What to Bring for Race Day:

Required Items:
Your photo ID*
$10 cash for parking
Appropriate footwear is highly recommended! Note: You will get muddy
Spending money for extra beer, turkey legs, entertainment, apparel and merchandise
Signed waiver

Prohibited Items:

No outside food or beverage items
No tents or canopies
No chairs or stools of any type
No alcohol or flasks
No coolers
No glass containers
No illegal substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
No illegal or unauthorized vending
No knives or weapons of any kind
No flammable lanterns or fire of any kind
No fireworks or any types of explosives
No skateboards, scooters, or personalized motor vehicles
No outside cans or cups
No soliciting
No charcoal, propane, or gasoline
No grills or cooking devices

There will be a Warrior Wash at the event. This nature of this wash varies by location. In the past, we have used sprinkler systems or existing bodies of water for Warriors to rinse off with.

The above is all the official Warrior Spiel ^^^^^^^^^^^

I enjoyed that blog with some great tips ^^^^

Also if you have areas that rub together (helloooo my thighs) or may chafe - keep in mind you will be soaking wet covered in mud - apply some vaseline liberally. I'm not joking one bit. Nipples/ bra strap area - inner thigh - toes - anywhere you think.

read this:

and lastly ( In know there are some repeats - but its a good list too)

I have no idea what we are getting ourselves into - so the rest will just have to happen!! Let's do this thing!

Find Your CORE!

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