Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's New Pussycat?

Photo: Imogen

I know that this is a blog with a health theme, so just let me precis the following writings by saying that my cats are good for my health.
I am a dog person, through and through. I LOVE dogs. I love their panting, slightly sardonic faces. I love that every time you leave the house, even if it is only to take out the garbage, a dog treats your return as if you have away for a year. I love doggy breath, doggy snoring, doggy snorting, well pretty much anything doggy. But I don't have a dog, so I digress.
I do, however, have two cats. Cats generally aren't my thing, although hubby Sean is a cat person.Cats are indifferent, independent, self serving and highbrow. Cats have expectations of their humans. Cats are evil.
Some cats have aspirations for world domination, but my cats have less lofty goals. Our cats have already performed hostile takeovers of every part of our homes, and our hearts.
Our two Humane Society adoptees had us from hello. We brought them home over a year ago, and ever since they have ruled our roost with iron paws. Just think of it. If a friend or relative was staying with you and regularly pooped on your floor, wouldn't you have called the authorities by now? But somehow we manage to come up with excuses for this socially unacceptable behavior. "Aww, he missed the box" ( by a whole room????)- not something you'd let Grandma away with! 
And then at 3am, when cat feet step over my face, then sit down (are you exhausted from the jump to the bed? Really you can't stand??) on our near my face before drinking from my water glass on the bedside table. And if no water is there - meowing loudly in protest. After all, walking down one flight of stairs to the cat bowl is NOT an option. 
Also, our cats do not appreciate Sean and I sharing a marital bed. They like to watch, disapprovingly, any..well..you know.It's like an American Idol audition with Paula and Simon watching, ready to comment after. "Yawn.BOORRRIIINGG!" or "Good effort- now pet me!". 
One cat sleeps at my feet, one on a pillow above my head. I have a hard time falling asleep now without hearing the rythmic purr of my cat engine. My nightly reminders (a careful claw, well placed) to not move too much, any disturbance marked by a low meow. Kitty snoring, Sean snoring, Amy snoring....these are the sounds of our home.
So while we stop short of consulting our cats for our investment portfolio, it is clear who are the V I P's (very important pussies) at the Tiffin homestead. And since a snuggle from them can change my entire perspective of the day I'm not going to complain. My cats are good for my well-being. They tell me so - and I dare you to argue with a cat.
Find your CORE!

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