Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing.

Ahhh, Thanksgiving. The time of year we gather together, count our blessings, and eat a ridiculous amount of food. That blessed preview to the Christmas season, a time to be happy for the abundance of the harvest, and to feel grateful for the ridiculous over indulgence that is our lives. We want for nothing, really. So this Thanksgiving I will be making an effort to remember how lucky I am, and to remind myself and my family that millions of other people in the world lack the very base necessities that I take for granted.
I practice gratitude actively, because it makes me a happier person. The more I remind myself of the wonderful things in my life, the more I desire to work hard to appreciate them, and nurture them.
So here is Annie's list of the little things I will be celebrating this weekend and beyond:
(a) the smell of coffee in the morning. Not just because it smells SO good, but because it means my hubby got up 5 minutes early (which is REALLY early) and thought of me.
(b) a hug from my son. My 8 year old boy is a pretty independent little dude, and affection is definitely at a premium. So when he spontaneously wraps his little arms around me? Priceless.
(c) am always thankful for a day when my cats forget to use my basement as a bathroom and actually use their litter box.
(d) it's completely awesome that I have friends that fulfill all of the following roles in my life
 - that friend that you call, ask them to bring a shovel, tarp, wheelbarrow and an empty trunk and they don't ask why, but pull into the driveway five minutes later.
 - that friend that breaks out into random singing (or rapping) at pretty much exactly the same time as you, and it's a song that no one in the whole civilized world would EVER be caught singing.
 - that friend who does everything way better than you could ever hope, but celebrates all your efforts as if they were the most amazing achievements ever.
 - that friend who, while often out and about, always on the go, who drops everything if you say you need her.
 - those friends who, without them, you would not be the person you are today.
(e)EVERY day, every moment, every second, I am grateful that my daughter is not yet a teenager.
(f) am thankful that no matter how busy I get, God always forgives me when I fail to put Him first, and always welcomes me back, no strings attached.
(g) I am thankful for the amazing health care professionals, nurses, specialists and dr's who care every day for my Dad, who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to care for him and give him dignity in an undignified situation.
(h) mostly I am thankful for the perspective that being 35 has given me, and for finally feeling like a grown up (well, a little anyway). I cherish the ability to be in the moment and love each second of it, and for all the people who make up all the moments of my life.

My love to all people in this wonderful world, to all who have nothing, who fight for peace and equality, who protect and serve, who teach, who comfort, who love. I wish everyone a weekend, in fact a life, full of gratitude (and turkey too!)
Find your CORE.

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