Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's finally over

February - the month so ridiculous that we had to shorten it's duration to make it tolerable. Now I don't mean to be negative, but February was the blahest of the blah this year! If it wasn't for my amazing classes ( read - you all!) it would go down in Annie history as the officially most grey and bleckie. But  it's now  March and I am determined that even if it is grey and damp, my outlook will not match the weather!  I have booked a few days off of teaching to spend time with the family, March break is coming, lots of exciting stuff is happening! 
But, I confess, I have still not stopped drinking Diet Coke. I need rehab.
So, ladies and gentlemen, my point is this. Today is what matters. Yesterday is gone, and do-overs aren't possible. Let's not dwell in what was (or wasn't) or spend time stressing about what is to come.  Every moment we spend worrying about another day robs today of it's opportunity for happiness.  Give each day a chance. It is precious, beautiful and unique. Hmmm. Just like you.

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