Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things you may not know....

about me!!!  I am always trying to spend the little bits of time we have together to find out more about you. So, know I have you captive I'm going to tell you some random things about me. Some you may know, some may surprise you (I hope!)
-my favourite colour is pink (although it used to be black)
-favourite food - Dairy Queen Blizzard (preferably Oreo)
-place of birth - Wentworth, Essex, London, England
-I don't often cry and have been accused of having broken tear ducts
-am extremely goal oriented, and somewhat of a perfectionist
-LOVE to read - and will read almost anything once.
-wish I could sing:) and desperately wanted to be Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. Used to practise "the Hills are alive..." everytime I saw a suitable rise of green grass. OK, I still do.
- think that dancing is the most pure form of personal expression - because anyone can do it and it's always beautiful.
- have battled with my weight, and dropped over 100lbs after my second child was born
- I believe that each one of us can change the world in our own way
- love horses. love every single thing about them - they are magnificent animals. Worked all my life with them before getting married and settled down.
- dream trip - to go to Israel, Egypt and Palestine
- would like to go on a Mission trip to a third world country
- I don't love Christmas
- exercise keeps me sane, calm and centered
- have shook hands with Cher, seen Gordon Ramsey and  Shaggy up close,and talked to David Cassidy.
- have two children (aged 5 & 7) and would love a couple more
- am afraid of heights
- have two cats and a bunny
- am the youngest child , two older brothers
- if I won the lottery I would give most of it away
Well, that's a little bit of my craziness - and next time I see you, tell me something random and interesting about you!  Because I really want to know.

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  1. You can't be Julie Andrews - cuz I am gonna be her! :) There is a hill just above the farmhouse that I would often practice 'the hills are alive with the sound of music ... ' Sound of Music is my all time fave musical and I look forward to seeing twice a year when it comes on TV. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day Anne.