Friday, March 25, 2011

Death and Taxes

The only to "fer sures" in life, right???  Well, as it is almost April, I figured I should address the whole taxation issue.  There are a few things in life that are much more positive and that I guarantee are "fer sures".
(a) exercise makes you feel good - seriously good.  Nothing makes you prouder of yourself than completing your first full teaser pilates exercise, legs off the ground and all.  A sense of awe at your own totally insanely strong body after completing a hard core, sweaty and groovin' ZUMBA class.  The amazing moment when you recognize that you surprised yourself.
(b) when you realize that you CAN do so much! And that these accomplishments cross over to all aspects of your life. You can call on the same personal strength when dealing with a crisis as you do when you push yourself beyond your expectations during a physical challenge.  You use the newfound confidence to take on and succeed at new challenges at home and work.  You reach the end of the road and instead of looking ahead and bemoaning how far there is to go, you look back and take pride in how far you have come.
(c) that you can make change happen.  Maybe it's small. Maybe you feel that it is insignificant. But when you choose to move and to strengthen your body, you feel each change and notice the huge difference it makes.  When you proudly jump just a little bit higher, lift a little bit more, run a little bit farther.... well, you notice that a little bit is really a whole lot.  So the next time you turn away because you don't feel your small contribution makes a difference?  Turn back and go for it - the smallest steps change lives!
Confidence. Accomplishment. Pride. Strength. Exhilaration. Joy. All "fer sures" when you live your life taking care of an amazing and wondrous person - you!  So, while death and taxes aren't going anywhere soon, let's join hands this April and spend less time worrying about those things we can't change, and instead celebrating all that we can.

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