Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Take your protein pills and put your helmet on"

I walked down the Health and Nutrition aisle at a large box store the other day. This store will be known hereafter as "the store that will not be named". If you know me well, you know how I feel about large chain box stores. If you would like to know my views on this matter, ask me in person, but bring two coffees and dress comfy. You'll be listening a while.
So, I'm wandering through this aisle at the store that will not be named, and looking for something that in ANY way shape or form relates to "Health" and "Nutrition".

Pills for:
Weight Loss
Rapid Metabolism Boosting
Fat Burning

Bars/chews etc for:
Muscle Building
(Note: first ingredient in all but one brand of these bars = SUGAR. In case you were wondering)

Powders, shakes and additives for healing/growing/fixing pretty much every single thing that ails you.

Now let's be clear, I am well aware that not all of us can get every nutrient we need through food. Allergies, etc can make this challenging. So there are some lovely supplements located in the vitamin/mineral aisle for that. For the most part, we can access all the things we need to live healthily from the REAL Health and Nutrition Aisle located at your grocery store, box store, farmers market etc.
It's the one with FOOD in it.
Usually located around the perimeter of a store, or pretty much anywhere at your farmers market.
Fresh meats
Dairy and cheeses
Whole grains

All mostly one ingredient items, nothing or little added, as little chemicals involved as possible. These foods will not outlive you. Your first grader knows what they are. And they taste great.

I know that unwrapping a bar is super easy preparation. So is washing an apple.

At $2.50-$4.00/bar or $20-$30 powdered additives, $3.50 for a half dozen navel oranges and $1.99 for a bag of carrots is a steal.

So if has to advertise itself as "Health" and "Nutrition" take a moment to think it out. True quality always speaks for itself.

Find Your CORE

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