Saturday, February 21, 2015

Every Move You Make

Why do some people like working out, running, playing sports, skiing ? Why can some people hop out of bed, jump into their lycra pants and sports bras and bounce enthusiastically to the gym? Is this a strange and rare breed of person? A genetic mutation? Do these people not feel pain? Does working out feel good to them? Are they masochists?
Or is the secret as simple as this: People who love movement are fakers? I mean, who on earth wants to move all the time? And who thinks it's fun? So fun, in fact, that they encourage everyone around them to do it? Misery loves company and all that....

I love to move. I wake up in the morning and my toes to my nose vibrate, ready to go. My first step when my toes spread into the carpet feels like a welcoming hug. The feeling of my pulse adjusting to movement literally takes my breath away. Grateful. Another day. Cannot wait to get started.

When I move, I feel alive. When I dance, my heart beat pounds the rhythms while my body floats off to freedom. When I run, all sounds fade away, one stride at a time. I see the world in the way I want to always experience it. Fascinating. Always new. Stunning and surprising. It is my daily reminder that everything is miraculous. When I lift weights or train in the gym, my pounding heart and tired muscles remind me that I am a survivor, that I can survive temporary pain for long term health and happiness.

When I move, I feel secure, I feel beautiful, I feel free.

Nice, huh? You convinced to get off the couch yet??

I'll tell you a secret.

I started writing this blog to procrastinate going for a run. Despite the fact that I know all of the above, I STILL. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. WORK.OUT. TODAY.
Even us fitness loving, movement preaching, soapbox standing, smiley sweaty headbanded people struggle. It is simply the knowledge that moving is ALWAYS better than not moving that sets us apart.

The truth us that every single person in the world loves to move. We have just forgotten how to work past the pain, and commit to something long enough that the positive outweigh the negative.

Nothing is easy. But YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFORT.

My three tips for helping yourself love to move:

a) commit to it and stick to it consistently for a significant period of time. 2 weeks is not enough time for your body to adjust to the demands and start to give you positive feedback. Physical fitness is the results of our body's ability to adapt to the demands we place on it. Once it has adjusted, you start to regularly experience some of the multitude of positive effects.

b) take a moment after your workout to note the benefits, either mindfully or by actually writing or noting them down. Take note of how you are feeling when the workout is done. Use sentences, single words,stick figures - whatever helps to reinforce the positive feelings that have come from making an effort today

c) remember that a major factor in maintaining physical fitness is time management and consistency. A successful exerciser may have allotted themselves an hour to work out. Throw in sick kids, late at work, unexpected challenges, and that time quickly whittles itself away to 15 minutes. Stay positive and remember that if you want to feel the positive effects of movement, 15 minutes is better than no minutes at all. Instead of" I only have 15 minutes, I can't workout", you embrace the 15 minutes as the opportunity it is.

So everyone has the capacity to be a happy perky fitness loving unitard wearing fitness addict. You just have to keep moving forward.

Find Your CORE!

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