Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Excuse Me, Mister"

A few months ago the above picture was causing an uproar. The subject of the picture posted this as an inspirational advertisement for her fitpro business. People called it "fat-shaming" and called her "entitled" and "judgemental". Online, people called her out for child abuse and other heinous acts, based on the fact that she has the time to shape her body in that way?!?!? I'm prepared for a stoning for my next statement.

I liked it.

It wouldn't inspire me to get my workout on, because I don't aspire to have a body like hers (which, BTW, is gorgeous). My body is the by-product of the workouts and activities I love, and I'm good with that. But, I can see how it could be an inspiration to some looking to get back into movement and working out post baby.

As for the fat-shaming. Well, no one can make you ashamed of you, fat or no, without your permission. Perhaps if you are uncomfortable with her message you need to look further than faulting her for her achievements, and look inside to see what drives your own feelings of defensiveness and inadequacy.

I stated above that this image doesn't inspire me in particular to get off the couch. But in my work day I come across so many awe-inspiring, determined and beyond incredible individuals I couldn't begin to share them all with you. People who achieve beyond the point of reason. People who keep going when most of us (including myself somedays) have already given up.
I want to share a few of them, in the hopes that they will inspire you to a "no excuses" lifestyle. Inspire you to get up and make choices based on how you will feel in the future. Not how you feel right now. Inspire you to be your best, so that you never, ever miss a thing.

Mom of four, owner and sole employee of a busy and thriving home jewelry business, part time hairdresser plus, you know, all the things that come with being a Mom of four. Cleaning, cooking, driving taxi for kids, putting nutritious food on the table for her family and so very much more. She has realized that she has put herself way down on her list of priorities, behind all of the above, and hubby and dogs and, well, you get the picture.
In October she made a change and has stuck to and is rocking out an intense workout regime, making healthy choices and LOVING IT. She works out 4 x at the gym and on her own at home.
Jo shares her successes with her friends encourages others to get moving and helps empower them to make it happen.
She is getting results! Less pain, loose pants, more energy and much more.
Way to go Jo! You inspire me to adopt a "No Excuses" lifestyle.

Denise & Gabe
I have been working with this couple in their home, with their three girls, aged 4,2 and under a year. This busy family makes nutritious, fresh meals a priority and do their best to fit in movement into their hectic days. Our sessions are often the most wonderful form of chaos possible. Filled with crawling babies, pile on Daddy pushups, Frozen musical parades, whole family jumping jacks and airplanes.
I have never seen two parents take the beautiful creativity and joyfulness that encompasses their beautiful little girls in stride like they do. Never missing a beat, needy babies are picked up and incorporated in to the workout. The older girls take part and are encouraged to explore moving and have fun. Everybody (especially me) has a great time. And Mom and Dad? Work their butts off. Guarantee those girls will be doing the same with their children in the future.
Incredible work Denise & Gabe! You inspire me to adopt a "No Excuses" lifestyle.

Girl MD
I have a girl in a group fitness class who comes to the same class each and every week. She often struggles for balance, has difficulty getting co-ordinated, and often is a little (sometimes a lot) behind the rest of the class. I approached her after the first couple of times I taught her to inquire if she was comfortable and enjoying the class. She replied that yes, she loves it. She apologised for not being able to use the step, which we had used in class that day, because she has muscular dystrophy and cannot react quickly enough to use it safely. She laughingly told me that she had signed up for a step class, not realizing how difficult it would be for her, but how she had finished the whole session doing everything off the step instead, because she didn't want to give up. She also goes to Zumba classes, and I see her each and every week at my conditioning class.
She was diagnosed about 4 yrs ago at age 40 and has rapidly lost motor function. She was a teacher, a runner, a soccer player and an all around active person. Now she struggles to keep the pace with people twice her age. She told me once, after struggling with an exercise, that she was doing the same thing as everybody else, just the version of it that works for her. I thanked her. We all need that reminder sometime.
You amaze me Girl MD. You inspire me to adopt a "No Excuses" lifestyle.

Of course I could go on. For days. About the people who inspire me to put away my small troubles and difficulties and get myself moving forward. If anyone has ever inspired you to adopt a "No Excuses" lifestyle - please tell us about them so we can be inspired!

The Ultimate "NO EXCUSES" Inspirational Picture - Denise with 2 of her 3 girls joining in the fun

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