Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"My Pants Don't Fit" or "My Arse Is Too Big"

Yep - that's me. Progressively over the last couple of months my pants have been getting tighter. Like, pass me the vaseline and the shoe horn kind of tighter.
I work out 6 days a week with regularity and I average at least 22K running. I have a very physical job. I eat very healthily. And yet, since January, I have been feeling a change.
Now my workouts have been lower key - due to a bad back, no iron whatsoever and a serious lack of energy, but that shouldn't make a difference this distinct. For the first time in forever I have a legitimate reason to be uncomfortable in my own skin.

Three things are happening:
i) my health is out of whack. My levels are off and I'm exhausted all the time.
ii) I'm getting older. It is true (unfortunately) that as we get older our metabolism changes and we can't get away with occasional bad choices like we used to.
iii) I've forgotten to eat because I'm hungry and let my mood/boredom/the sun's presence in Jupiter/ all designate my eating habits.

Darn it. Home made crackers are healthy right? But, probably not 6 of them everytime I step in the kitchen. So I'm on crackdown. NO sugar (I felt great when I watched my sugar intake for 6 months last year). And no more mindless eating for me. It's a quick and easy trap to fall into - and I'm climbing out before this becomes a habit and my overlarge bottom gets me stuck.
Portion sizes, hunger cues, and overall my sense of how I feel in general will tell me if I am on the right track. And if my pants are still a bit tight when I'm sorted out and eating mindfully and happily again? Well, that's okay, that's meant to be. But I refuse to be less than 100% physically if I can help it. After all - I, like all of you, have loads of battles ahead to face, and I'll take them head on, at my best.

Now please, please, please hide all of your chocolate, ice cream and french bread if you see me coming. A girl only has so much self control, you know :)

Find Your CORE!

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