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Make or become different

 By definition, change is a little scary.Make or become different.A verb - an action word, a "do-ing" word. It requires effort, and is often accompanied by a leap of faith.
Last weekend I attended the CanFit Pro conference in downtown Toronto.In our industry things change- constantly. Science and the quest for information about the human body drive many changes - most for the better - because the more we know, the better we can apply that knowledge to help others move, safely and effectively, not only in our classes, but in their everyday lives.
Over the weekend, change became my mantra, led by the words "If nothing changes, then nothing changes"spoken originally by Maureen Hagen, a true Canadian fitness superheroine. I have thought over that profound little statement repeatedly since hearing it, rolling it around in my head, testing it out and seeing how it applies. In my life, change is the norm. I am happiest when learning, testing, seeking out. I love the process of change. But that's because I have learned that you have nothing to lose by trying something new.
Speaking specifically about fitness, change is mandatory. Whether you have never exercised before and are teetering on the brink of trying your first class, a seasoned participant who regularly attends their favourite yoga, zumba or strength training class, or an elite athlete training for the Olympics - to continue to reap benefits from your work, you must sometimes make changes.
- Avoid or overcome plateaus by challenging the body in a different way
- Meet new people - different types of people attend different types of classes, and maybe will have a new outlook that you may find inspiring!
-Appreciate another type of workout- "don't judge a book by it's cover". Try the class you've always avoided because of preconceived notions - give a class a try before you dismiss it!
-Prevent or Manage Injuries- repetetive exercise over time can lead to overuse, fatigue and possible injuries. Variety will help this.
We need variety in all aspects of our lives, and changing up your workouts will keep you fresh and motivated!
Now. please see and feel free to giggle at the picture below of me trying "Jukari" a Reebok/Cirque de Soleil Trapeze workout (nope, not kidding!). NEVER say I don't practise what I preach!!

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