Friday, April 15, 2011

ZUMBA playlist April/May 2011

Sharing the songs with my ZUMBA amigos! See below for the songs you will (and have) been hearing in class for April/May.  Love to keep it fresh and fun! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or favourite songs you would like to hear.  I will reiterate that if you want any if this music, please search by title on ITunes, then purchase from the original artist - not anything labeled Zumba Fitness - the only legal place to purchase Zumba music is on or through a ZIN member (moi!) which I would be glad to do for you upon request.
5 Letras - reggaeton
Volare - (Gypsy Kings) flamenco
Baila Pa Emociona - calypso warmup
Mueve La Cadera  - cumbia/samba
Cumbia Arabe - cumbia
Pegate -(Groupe Treo) merengue
Don't Let Me Down - swing
Zumba He Zumba Ha (DJ Mam's feat Soldat Jahman & Luis Guisao) French Reggaeton
Bomba Camara - salsa
Que Te Meuve - merengue
La Cumbia De L'Amor - Cumbia
Hella Decale - (DJ Mam's feat. Doukali & Soldat Jahman) French Bollywood
Na Ponta do Pe - Samba
I Love Salsa - salsa
Sahara Oasis - belly dance
And of course our favourite cool down tunes!

Hope you enjoy the spring music - looking forward to keeping our music and choreography fresh and fun!!

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