Thursday, December 16, 2010

ZUMBA Playlist 2010

Hey everybody!

  I know lots of you love the Zumba music so I will share the playlist from here on in!  I have a tonne of new choreo coming for the new year - but here are some of the songs that regularly make it into your weekly ZUMBA fitness party:

Fuego (Cumbia)
5 Letras (Reggaeton)
Mueve Le Booty (Merengue)
Que Te Meuve (Merengue)
Zumbalicious (Salsa/Reggaeton)
Zumbando Al Son (Salsa)
Baila Pa'Emociona (Calypso)
El Marciano (Merengue)
Sahara Oasis (Belly Dance)
Pa'La Diskoteka A Bailar (Cumbia/Techno)
Zorba (Greek)
Danca Da Maozhina (Axe)
Mueve la Cadera (Samba/Cumbia)
Djobi Djoba (Flamenco)

Also I haven't included all the rhythms - if I've missed a favourite of yours, please let me know!  Please remember though, I am sharing the song names so that you can search by original artist, or purhase directly through myself or  Please do not download from itunes or other file sharing system - only licensed ZIN and Zumba Fitness inc.  can distibute ZUMBA products. Thank you!

Find your CORE!

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