Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens" A few of my favourite things....

I know I've been Debbie Downer (Wah-Waaaaah) lately and that my writing has suited the worst parts of my currently not the greatest mood. I promise, however that I have not completely lost the charming (if I do say so myself, and I do because it's my blog) naivete and youthful exhuberance about ALL THE THINGS. I still force myself to keep my eyes up - because I certainly do not want to miss something magical within the mundane. It's this gratitude for the beauty of life that is my greatest coping mechanism, and the reason why I love running so very much. It affords me the opportunity to witness simple miracles and breathtaking beauty, and reminds me to stop and take those in, both on my run, and in every day life.
I went to the Christmas Market last night in downtown Toronto's Distillery District. I am a reluctant admitter to enjoying Christmas (My kids don't call me Mummy Grinch for nothing), but I have to admit that when I turned the corner and took in the lights and spectacle ahead of me, I may have gasped. People milling about, beautiful lights, Father Christmas, Christmas Carolers and the most beautiful, spectacular Christmas tree I have ever seen. The atmosphere was electric and, well, downright merry. While standing in the outdoor marketplace, my friend and I discussed how wandering around on a crisp winter evening was one of the best things ever ever ever to do (and made exponentially better by partaking in mulled wine).
So I woke up this morning thinking about some of my favourite things, which I realize are too many to list in one, or ten, or a hundred blogs. These are some of my favourite simple miracles:
-the sound a guitar makes when hand slides between one chord(?) note(?) I dunno what the technical term is - but that uniquely guitar sound makes my heart melt
-the swish swish sound your feet make when walking through fall leaves
-warm sun that invites you to tilt your head up and close your eyes for a moment
-the sound of laughter, and twinkly, laughy eyes
-that moment when a piece of music comes on and you recognize it, making your heart beat a little faster with excitement and the mind reach for the memories and feelings associated with it.
-movies with a narrator. Mostly because I am certain if my life was narrated, it would be done so by the Queen, or Julie Andrews, if QEII is a bit busy that day.
-the first smell of bread, baking in the oven
-the "heart skips a beat" feeling when you get a text/email/phone call etc...from someone you love, whether you last heard from them 5 minutes or 5 years ago
-a well poured and ready to drink Guiness. It's a stout piece of art and begs to be admired before consumption.
-the sound of footsteps, or, even better, hoofbeats. It's the sound of moving forward
-the smell of a fir tree on a crisp winter day
-an old tree, after it's leaves have fallen and it's branches are laid bare and vulnerable for all to see
-the roots of a tree peeking out of the earth
-anything about a tree actually, so to save some time I'll leave it there
-the first taste of a baked good after it's come out of the oven. You've had to wait for it to cool, it has taunted you with it's delicious aroma. That cookie is YOURS! All the sweeter for the patience.
-the Toronto skyline - most beautiful ever
-random talks to strangers
-the contented sigh a dog makes after laying down
-opening a card (any card - cards are amazing and simple and marvellous). Cards say someone has thought of you, and taken the time to show it.
and finally,(although I could go on), in the spirit of the season:
- Christmas Carols gone wrong. Such hits as "Santa Claus Doesn't Come To the Ghetto" by Yellowman, "Reggae Christmas" by Bryan Adams & PeeWee Herman, "Ludacrismas"by Ludacris, "Funky Funky Christmas" by NKOTB, "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul Mcartney
-The Little Drummer Boy, as performed by David Bowie & Bing Crosby. If exposed to any of the above Christmas gigglers, this song will restore you faith in festive music. Although this song is my least favourite Christmas Carol, done by David and Bing, it is perfection, and my all time favourite.

It's sometimes impossible to see the beauty, I understand the truth of that. But a wise woman I knew before once said,
"Don't get so wrapped up in the details that you forget to enjoy the journey"

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