Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mindful Monday: Cleaning Out The Closet

Get Back on Track in 2014!

The New Year is upon us! Most of us have spent our holidays celebrating with our families while indulging in our favorite foods, drinks, treats and sweets! There is no reason to feel bad, since we should always allow ourselves to enjoy special times of the year with our family and friends. But, now it’s time to get our bodies back on track to where they were post-holidays (or where we wanted them to be). We want to improve our energy levels, fix our digestion, clean up our diets and flush out some of the “bad” chemicals we’ve accumulated and give our livers a little hand in doing this hefty job! I know that this time of year can be stressful. We have New Year’s resolutions and goals we hope to attain. But, it can be tricky jumping in right off the bat. So, there’s no problem starting small. Implementing a few easy, but effective changes that can give you a gentle push and help you get back on the right track and maybe lose those pesky 3 lbs that crept up on you, one step at a time.

So, here are some small, easy tips to getting you there.

1) Hydrate!
If there is anything our bodies need more of, it’s water, especially if we’ve been indulging in more alcoholic beverages than usual. Not only will water prevent dehydration, help with digestion, lubricate the body and assist in moving nutrients, it will also help with waste removal and give our liver and kidneys a hand in getting their jobs done. Although every person requires a different amount of water, a good average to aim for is 1.5 l to 2.0 l daily, with increases during exercise. Good rule of thumb: 33 ml of water per kg of body mass.

Annie's TipAdding lemon to your water will give you additional liver and digestive support. Try warm water with fresh lemon every morning before breakfast.

2) Fiber! Fiber! Fiber!
If we’re trying to get toxins out of our body, ensuring that we’re eliminating effectively is key! Otherwise we move chemicals from one place to the next without getting them out of our body. Fiber is a quick way to get your digestion back on track and help flush out unwanted toxins.

Annie's Tip: It’s as easy as starting your day with a bowl of steel cut oats or oatmeal, instead of a sugary cereal. Add a scoop of protein powder to it and/or throw in a few walnuts or almonds and you have a perfectly balanced meal with a healthy dose of fiber. If you want to sweeten it, try pure maple syrup, or mix in some berries or fruits.

3) Diet
We already know that we have to stop snacking on those holiday treats sitting in the cupboard. No more chocolate, gingerbread cookies or candy canes. On top of that, there are some easy foods we can incorporate that will actually help the liver function effectively after being stressed with things such as alcohol and chemicals from unhealthy foods.

Annie's Tip: add some of these foods into your meals:

Mushrooms: rich in fiber and vitamins and can assist the body in detoxification.

Seaweed (Kelp): Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Can assist in detoxification and restore the acid/base balance in the body.

Turmeric (curcumin): A powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant spice. Can enhance the detoxification pathways in the body.

Green Tea: Another powerful antioxidant that can enhance the detoxification phases in the body.

Citrus Fruit (Grapefruit, Lemons): Rich in antioxidants and the bitterness of these fruits can help stimulate fat-burning mechanisms of the liver.

Annie's #1 Tip while you make these small lifestyle changes, don’t forget to get your beauty rest! Allow your body to repair and rejuvenate with adequate amounts of sleep, get back to routine with regular bedtimes and wake up calls.

Start your New Year off on the right track and the COREessentials way!

Find Your CORE!

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