Friday, December 16, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!

Urgh, Christmas. Bah humbug. Can you tell how much I love this season? What's that? I know - your happy, optimistic, bouncy instructor dislikes the holidays. Christmas in my home growing up was a 6 week cleaning, wrapping, baking, cleaning again, decorating, christmas card writing, cleaning some more, militaristic operation. This was topped off by a mass of gifts to open, followed by a mother who fell asleep at 1pm not to be heard from again all day. A whole lot of build up, stress and anxiety. It was exhausting, and not my idea of holly and jolly. Why then, as a married adult with children, did I feel the need to keep the tradition of misery going? Well, I did, for quite a while. Everything had to be perfect, home baked, wrapped to a tee. Christmas for me was a beautiful box with nothing in it at all.
I have been reviewing 2011 - and it's been quite a year! We've seen our little idea to bring fun and fitness to our community grow to heights we never thought possible. Our amazing clients have lost (combined) over 700 reported pounds. I see people each week looking fitter, stronger and more proud of themselves. I watch people come in the class and greet each other as old friends. I see people loving to move, and I am so proud to be a part of each fitness journey. I see each and every person who participates in any one of my classes making and maintaining positive lifestyle choices and I LOVE IT! I love to teach and inspire, and in return each of you teach and inspire me. The ultimate greatest thing? Watching you surprise yourselves. Too often we tell ourselves we "cannot". My goal is to inspire everyone to always try.  I have seen people achieve things they never thought possible, simply because they tried.
In 2011 I started running again, and ran a 5K, 8K and an ironman sprint duathlon. I stopped drinking diet soda completely (but started drinking coffee, so not sure if they cancel each other out), I started to enjoy cooking and baking again (much to the relief of my family who were totally sick of spaghetti and meatballs) and took a second honeymoon with my amazing husband after we retied the knot (he calls it making the same mistake twice!).  I read some great books, spent time with some great friends and said goodbye to some family relationships. All in all, a great year - in fact - the best year. 2011 has been so full of rich experiences and meaningful relationships that it could be nothing less. Thank you to each and every person in our lives for being a part of it.
So, I'm writing this on my messy couch, underneath our leaning Christmas tree, with the CORE kitty sitting by my right shoulder. My kids are writing stories, sitting at the coffee table by my feet. The presents are wrapped, the kids are excited, the garland is hung and the wreath is strewn. Every decoration is slightly askew an is very imperfect. There is dust on my ledge (I'll get to it soon!) and the windows have finger marks on them (Sean! get the windex). Baking will be done this weekend - in a glorious cloud of flour and sugar made by the whole family as we mix and create together. We've messed up the wrapping, but filled up the Christmas box.
Mmmmm. Drinking my coffee and surveying my life. Imperfect, maybe. But awesome? Definitely!

Wishing each and every CORE client and their loved ones a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and a prosperous and joyous 2012!  See you in the new year dear friends!

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