Friday, July 22, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things!

Oprah can do it, so why can't I? In fact, if any wants to help me start an "Annie taking over for Oprah" as world guru, trusted girlfriend and queen of all media, please let me know. I'm looking for a campaign manager!
A quick review, though, before I start the first annual "Favourite Things" episode of this blog.  My goals - you remember them, I'm sure, although I try daily to forget them! I am still working hard to find balance between work, home, family and friends. it's not perfect,but I'm doing my best to be present in whatever I am doing - and to give my best to the people to love me and need me the most.  I have had a massage with Pierre :) Instead of 3 riding tours, I have done 2 run races and a duathlon - and will be riding behind Sean in the 160K Ride4United Way in August.  Most of all - I haven't had a Diet Soda (or any aspartame) in over 6 weeks!  Woooohooooo! I never ever thought I could do it, and although I would charge like an angry rhinocerous to get one if given the chance, I am still steadfast in my goal - no going back! Thanks to you all for all your support  - it takes a village to raise an Annie! 
Back to my favourite things. I was thinking the other day of the many amazing things that I love about life, and in honour of the beautiful sunshine I think I shall share! All these things are free - so enjoy!
Clouds- I think their only function is to amuse and inspire creativity. What's better than laying on your back, sun beating down on your face, eyes squinting, and watching a scene take place in the sky above?
Gummi Worms- I'm not sure whether these are actually food, but am willing to take the chance for an occasional treat!
Singing into a Fan- Go ahead, try it, I dare you!
The First Bite of an Apple- Always a surprise, and the sound is incomparable.
Pool Noodles- Hmm, strange, squishy synthetic material, amazing bouyancy. Who knew!
Opening the First Page of a Book. It's like opening a door to a new realm, and if you listen closely you can hear the voices of all who have opened it before you.
Marshmallows- Like the Gummi Worms, the jury is still out on whether this is actually a food, but boy is it convincing when stuck with a tree branch and toasted to a delicious golden brown over a glowing fire.
Weather Reporters-  Love how saying exactly the same thing over and over can be made exciting and new every fifteen minutes. Also, kudos to all who risk life and limb clinging to a swaying telephone pole while reporting from the centre of a category 5 hurricane, simply so that I (sitting safely on my couch 100's of miles away) can understand the full impact of the "weather event".  Plus - how can people that are wrong so often, smile so sublimely all the time!  Highest. Self. Esteem.Ever. Weather reporters rock!

Canada-  Best country ever!  Thankful every day for waking up (and being a citizen, yay!) of this awesome and beautiful land. We really need to stop complaining about the little inconveniences that come with being Canadian and put things into perspective. To say we are lucky is an understatement. No one has what we has  - let's work hard to keep it this way!
Horses- You can see heaven in their eyes.
Coffee- need I explain?  Didn't think so.
Musicals- Movie or theatre - no difference I love it all!  I often imagine my own life as a musical, and it's not unusual for a conversation in the Tiffin home to turn into a full song and dance number.
Six degrees of seperation- Nothing cooler than meeting someone and then finding out you share mutual connections/friends/DNA. it's a small world, after all!
Flying- Strange, because I am terrified to fly. I do, however marvel over our ability to do so. As a child (and actually, I still do)believe that God Himself lifts each and every plane up, then gently blows them on their way. Miraculous!
Lists- I love order and accountability, and lists are nice, neat and tidy ways to keep everything as it should be!  I would have a list for my lists if Sean hadn't vetoed it.

There are so many things that I think are amazing!  If you have any favourite things,  please share. Also, we look forward to hearing about any goals or personal bests you have reached, either health/fitness or otherwise. Stay cool, drink lots and lots, and enjoy this glorious weather, friends!

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