Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Pain, No Gain??

When I have a client experiencing pain, it greatly upsets me.  I become a part of each and every person's health journey and not only feel the joy of the highs, but the pain and sometimes awful suffering of the lows.  Exercise is awesome. Movement is necessary. But with all programs, comes the risk of injury. So the question is, "how much pain is too much, and how do I, as a fitness professional, help a client manage their injury while still staying on track to meet their goals?"  It is these times in a person's path to wellness that can make or break the process.  Injuries can derail a fitness program completely, allowing the client to walk away and become discouraged and give up. Or it can be a turning point for the better. A chance to change up the exercise routine, embrace new methods and find a new connection with your body.  Pain is our body's way of reminding us of both it's incredible strength and it's extreme fragility.  Our bodies talk to us through pain, so it is best we listen, and respect it's input into the process.
I have a client who is suffering right now.  She is one of the hardest working, most dedicated and kind people I have ever met. I believe in her, and I assure you, she will reach all of her weight loss and fitness goals.  But she is in the midst of injury right now.  And that really can take a toll on the process. How are we going to get through this and come out stronger, fitter and ready for the next challenge?  Together, that's how. The best way I can help every client achieve their best is to walk, squat, lunge, lift and run beside them the whole way. Sometimes we'll have to modify, change course or even rest.  The end result - happy, healthy bodies for life - something worth fighting for! 

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