Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby,Baby, Baby...OOOOHHHHH!

My son David wants you to know he disagrees with the title of this blog because the Bieber is "uncool". So now that we have kept David's cool factor intact, let's move on.
                                                          Annie & David with new baby Bowen

And it bread. Actual delicious, crusty on the outside, warm and airy on the inside, melt in your mouth awesomeness. Bread. From NOTHING! No box, no breadmaker, no nothing - just a bowl, flour, water, yeast and my hands.
It was incredible. One of my proudest moments. Now I understand that this may sound like I am exaggerating or making too much of this, after all I am known for hyperbole, BUT I swear to you this was special. Something from nothing.A miracle.
This has been an interesting week in history. The birth of the future King of England. A media campout waited outside a set of doors at a nondescript London hospital, reporting on every shadow, every curtain movement. It was monotony at it's best. But the world tuned in. And never left. A collective "aaaawwwww" was heard around the world as the Royal couple exited those doors and showed the watching throngs their new baby boy.
On the same day, with less media and paparazzi (though with no less drama I suspect) a baby boy was born here in Oshawa. Born at 11:56pm (cutting it pretty close!), Bowen Raif Davies was born to my friend (and CORE member) Bex. I sat on the couch the day after these birthdays and fretted - first that the Royal couple hadn't shown me their child yet, second that I hadn't seen Bex and her baby yet. What is it about babies that they cause in us these visceral, raw emotional reactions? Why do we care SO much about this daily occuring, completely natural and truly, for the most part, pretty disgusting process?
It's a miracle.
From the second of conception to the hold of new life in your hands, it is a miracle. Something from nothing. In a world where we have forgotten how to create, have outsourced every mundane chore, and are too busy to take 1/2 hour to workout, babies take their time. They can't be multitasked, hurried along or processed. We have no control over what, who, when they become. Babies force us to be present. To be alive. To wonder again.
This is what the baking process was like for me - a conception, a process of growth and development, followed by the triumphant removal from the oven. The conception in this case, was short and sweet (much like the conception....oh, never mind ;) ) flour, add water and yeast, stir. Then wait. At this point you must stay present - not allow yourself to get caught up in a thousand other things. Breathe. Knead. Flour. Turn. Shape. Rest. Wait.  Pop into oven. Patience. Wait. Smell. Breathe.'s time.
A miracle. Something from nothing. This will nourish my children, and represents more to me than just a loaf of bread. Patience. Presence. Important lessons.
Miracles occur everyday. How many do you take note of? Babies and bread - they insist on our attention, but other things go quietly unnoticed.
Have Patience. Be Present. And you won't miss a thing.

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                                                             In the beginning...
                                        how all good things in my home start - with a grope!
the bun is out of the oven!

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