Thursday, January 3, 2013

You say you want a "Resolution"? Well, you know....we all want to change the world.

I hate resolutions. There. I said it. Every year we self flagellate over the things we do wrong. What we don't do enough of, where we fail. "In 2012 I totally sucked at.......",    "I need to get better at...". Regrets, regrets, regrets......failure, failure, failure.  What a great way to start a new year! Wallowing in misery at our own shortcomings! It's no wonder we never achieve these resolutions, we've already told ourselves that we are incapable.
Let's assume some basic things about ourselves:
- we are basically good human beings, capable of kindness, empathy and love
- we try hard to continue to be the above
- we have or are seeking employment or service to continue to contribute in some positive way to our community
- we want to be happy, and we wish this for all people
- we want to live long, healthy lives
Now what is so wrong with that person? They seem pretty fine to me. And I know that lots of great things are performed by that person each and every day.
This year I propose the "Un-Resolution": a promise to yourself to celebrate the things you do well to achieve the goals, lifestyle that you desire.
So, I, Annie Tiffin, resolve to continue doing the following things that I am really good at:
(a) watching movies: I have rediscovered how much I love movies. I love storytelling. And I have worked hard at being able to tune out the rest of the world and actually enjoy the experience again.
(b) snuggling my kitty: Kitty is happy, I am happy. Everybody wins
(c) eating my bananas sideways: yes, I am a non-traditional banana consumer, and proud!
(d) balancing Mummy/Wifey guilt with business demands: it's a thin line, and sometimes it tips badly one way or the other. But I am learning to deal with it and helping my family deal as well. It's a process..but a worthy one.
(e) eating my fruits/veggies: I rock at this!
(f) passion: I have it - for my work, my family, my athletic pursuits, music, reading, my friendships. If I love something, I am never less than passionate about it, and am going to keep the flame alive!
(g) telling my "people" that I love them, and showing it too: If I love you, you know it!!And I want there never to be any doubt.
(h) Doing the right thing, before doing the easy or more profitable thing. I have had some tough decisions to make in the last year, but I always err on the human side of things, and try to do the right thing. It hurts sometimes, but I really do believe that it's never the wrong decision to put people over profit.
(i) Breaking out in random song: anywhere, anytime. Not a favourite with my family and friends, but I feel like it's an important part of me! Besides, I actually never know when I'm doing it, I just know I have no intention of curbing it!
(j) identifying stress/anxiety and coping healthily: something I have been getting better at. Breathing, exercise, social time...or simply asking someone I love for a hug or some time together. I am learning to ask for help when I need it, and to take quiet time for myself when needed.
(k) kissing my handsome husband. Often. It's good for my soul.

I am quite happy with my list of things I do well and plan to continue in 2013 and beyond. Thing of the things you do well, celebrate them and continue to implement them in your lives! You rock!

I do have a few goals that I hope to achieve in 2013, and they break into 3 categories: Physical, Mental and Social. I do always make goals, because otherwise I get lazy and let things slip by the wayside. Some things do require some motiviation!
Physical: Run a Half-Marathon. Booked for April 22nd. Also to get back on my bike and do the Ride4UnitedWay 160K ride with Sean this summer.
Mental: Continue to educate myself in deep breathing techniques and put them into practise. Also - this summer my goal is to learn how to manage both business and household finances, a process I have avoided like the plague and am woefully ignorant of.
Social: make time for going out, with friends, like an adult.

Cheers to 2013 being full of joy, health and happiness, no matter what your goals, resolutions or un-resolutions!

Happy New Years - Find your CORE!

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